The Columbus Organization

Making a Difference in Delaware

We’re making a difference in Delaware!

The Columbus Organization, a nationally recognized provider of care coordination services for individuals with
intellectual/developmental (IDD) and behavioral health challenges and the leading care coordination agency in Delaware, is pleased to be recognized for their leadership in the state. The company has just received the “Innovation in Person Centered Practices” award from the Charting the LifeCourse Nexus® organization. Dedicated to providing every individual an opportunity to achieve their meaningfullife goals, The Columbus Organization has seen significant success implementing the Charting the LifeCourse framework into care coordination approaches. Recognized for their systematic training, person-centered planning practices, and quality measures, Columbus
will be spotlighted at the live awards ceremony on May 20, 2021.

Shenika Kirby, Columbus’ Executive State Director for Delaware, commented, “This is an incredible
honor for us, not only because it validates our successful use of a proven framework, but because it is
coupled with the ongoing positive outcomes we have seen throughout the communities we serve in

Additionally, because The Columbus Organization has always embraced a more holistic approach
to care coordination and the communities that support individuals with IDD and behavioral health
challenges, the company has also maintained an instrumental role in facilitating access to the
COVID-19 vaccine throughout the state. In collaboration with Delaware’s Division of Developmental
Disabilities Services, Columbus was able to efficiently schedule over 2,600 vaccines for individuals and
families, ultimately enabling greater access to providers, services and meaningful-life activities.

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