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Who Are We?

The Columbus Organization is a care coordination-focused company, helping people understand the choices they have in the community and select the best options for the individual. We’re dedicated to individuals with intellectual or developmental challenges, empowering you or your loved one to realize meaningful life goals.

We don’t believe a checklist represents a person, and we deeply believe you need an advocate who is available and accessible, that knows you or your family member, and really knows how to listen, address your concerns and provide you with choices and the opportunity to be happy. And help guide you in your journey.

Because everyone deserves a meaningful life™

What We Do

We start our process by getting to know the individuals we serve – your goals, your vision. We then focus on how to achieve it.  We help you navigate your community, providing peace of mind and the confidence that you have a partner in the journey. 

Our employees are experts who have deep experience, along with new and creative ways of thinking, that is refined through predictive outcomes data analysis, and supported by resources that enable us to handle many types or sizes of challenge.

We understand everyone is unique, and for those who require extra assistance and for those who serve them, we match/combine with a case manager who has the experiences to accomplish your goals.

Our Additional Capabilities

Everything we do at The Columbus Organization supports individuals challenged by intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) as well as the families, facilities and agencies that surround them. We’ve built strong expertise in how to serve the individuals, our customers, – from the staff that we hire to the processes we utilize. Learn more about these additional capabilities below.

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