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Case Management in Indiana

The Columbus Organizaton is a designated approved provider of Case Management Service to individuals with developmental disabilities in collaboration with the State of Indiana Division of Disability and Rehabilitation Services (DDRS).  Case Management Service is provided to individuals receiving Community Integration & Habilitation (CIH) and Family Supports Waiver (FSW).

Columbus also provides Case Management services to individuals receiving the Aged and Disabled (A&D) Waiver and Tramatic Brain Injury (TBI) Waiver in collaboration with the State of Indiana Division of                                                                      Aging (DA).

All Case Management Services are provided statewide.

Columbus’ system of treatment monitoring and service utilization is a collaborative, cohesive process based on the needs of the individual and family, and expedited to ensure efficient and effective services with positive outcomes. Our model of service delivery includes comprehensive, multi-systemic treatment planning and service coordination for each client.

This process begins with the development of a treatment team with a broad view of services, service providers, and available community resources, put forth from the outset. This team is comprised of the family, school personnel, residential or day service providers, case manager, and other service providers, who meet to develop the initial individualized plan. Whenever possible, the plan draws on as many individual, family, and community resources as possible.

The process is responsive to changing needs and ensures that services and supports occur in a timely manner. If the needs of the individual change, the services and supports are changed with input from the team working together. The goals are stated in a measurable way that facilitates direct monitoring of progress on a regular basis. Close attention to outcomes and the achievement of concrete, measurable goals determines what level and type of service and support is needed to maintain successes over the long term. The case manager is a member of the team who works in close collaboration with the family and all other team members.

The outcome of this treatment monitoring process is a person-centered, integrated individualized plan based on the person’s needs and personal goals. The regular multi-systemic meetings and outcome review meetings provide us with the opportunity to evaluate and track progress towards outcomes on an ongoing basis as an integral part of the treatment planning process.

Columbus Community Services is a national, CARF-accredited agency that currently provides Case Management Services to over 3,500 individuals with developmental disabilities. Our focus is to enhance the individual’s opportunities to experience full community membership through the development and oversight of person-centered support plans and advocating for changes in services or providers based on individual choice.

We monitor services to assure the applicability of the services received based on the personal desires of the individuals we serve, while ensuring that all critical health and safety issues are addressed as needed. 

Columbus has been serving individuals in Indiana for more than 15 years by providing staffing and consultative services to state facilities, mental health hospitals and community settings. We are currently providing case management services statewide in Indiana.

In an effort to help individuals and their families understand what is all involved with waiver services, please click here to bring up the 2012 DDRS Waiver Manual (PDF).



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