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The Columbus Organization knows your time is precious. You can access free resources and support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, caregivers and providers. The Columbus Organization provides these resource links as a courtesy, and in no way endorses or recommends any companies, agencies or providers of services or supplies.

This resources list is a quick reference guide and in no way is a compilation of all available resources.

In June, Dr. Melissa Richards presented “A Behavioral Approach to Dual Diagnoses” at the 23rd Annual The Family Cafe. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), known as a highly effective approach for helping children with Autism, is not limited to age or diagnosis. Dr. Richards provides an overview of ABA and basic strategies including functional assessment and intervention planning. Additional challenges faced when someone is dually diagnosed with ID/DD and a MH diagnosis are also discussed. These challenges include determining what is “behavioral” versus “psychiatric,” and how to encourage collaboration between psychiatrists, psychologists, behavior analysts, and other supporters. Finally, approaches for supporting people with ID/DD who are also diagnosed with dementia, OCD, and borderline personality disorder are shared.

Title slide from presentation

You can watch the replay of her presentation here: and feel free to share with others who may benefit from this information! The video replay includes an on-screen sign language interpreter for the hearing impaired.


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