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Pat McCormick

Chief Financial Officer

Why I joined The Columbus Organization

I joined Columbus because I believe the company is truly serious about its mission to serve individuals with IDD.  I have also consistently seen that Columbus has the scope and willingness to learn in order to positively journey forward in its quest to simply be the best at what it does. 

How I describe my organization to other people

The Columbus Organization is an IDD focused company operating three interdependent lines of business.  Quality Improvement Services, is our consulting arm and focuses on resolution of issues for clients, and improving operations and care. Professional Clinical Staffing is our staffing arm that staffs critical leadership and operational positions throughout the US.  Care Coordination helps to assess support requirements for people challenged with IDD, developing support plans and then supporting, monitoring and adjusting the support services provided to our clients.  

How I chose my career

I have spent the past 40+ years serving and working with organizations wanting to improve the business of their business.  I love the challenges presented when leading strategies, managing operations, seeking quality, serving those with important needs and generating sufficient profit to reinvest in the business to move it forward and provide returns to shareholders.

A career highlight

I have had scores of career highlights.  Each day provides an opportunity to learn.  Learning is the reason I continue to work.

How I describe myself

My wife describes me as an explorer- as I love to fly and sail- both areas where you only have a general direction in mind- and there are no road signs or signals to guide you along the way.  Each time you do it, you just add to your knowledge.  From a working point of view, I view myself as strategically guided, systemic, operations and operational excellence focused.  I believe that access to, and use of, great business information is a key determinant of the success of an enterprise.  I love to people and organizations grow, learn, develop and succeed.  That is the energy source that fuels me every day.

My background

I began my career as a staff auditor at Arthur Andersen, and several years later lead both the Philadelphia office and Southeast US region as head of the consulting practice.  I then moved to NY to co-lead the Finance Business Solutions team in North America and Europe, doubling revenue to $500M in three years.  Since then, I have worked with a Chat function internet start up, a restructuring firm that specialized in turnarounds & business process improvement, and as CFO/COO for a commercial real estate development firm.  In 1997, I started PMCC Ventures, a business consulting and strategy firm with a model to serve with clients in leadership roles, which is what I am doing with Columbus today.

A bit about me  

I have found later in life that I am a planner.  I don’t like to start something without a good sense of where you will end up.  I think that plays out in almost all of my hobbies – Woodworking, flying, sailing and golf.  You always have to be working towards finishing and finishing well.


St. Joseph’s University, B.S. in Management/Marketing and Accounting