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Meet The Kentucky Team


Jessica Paris photoJessica Paris, Executive State Director- Kentucky

Experience: I have been providing Case Management service for over eight years. I have worked in he IDD field as a Direct Support Professional and Quality Assurance Coordinator for the last twelve years now.

Why I Joined Columbus: I joined Columbus when they first came to KY because they cared! They cared about us as their employees, but more importantly they cared about the people that we get the privilege to support. 

How I describe Columbus to others: I would describe Columbus to others as an agency that cares and stands about their quality! They ensure that the people we get to support have the best quality of services possible. 

Outside of Columbus: I enjoy spending my free time with my husband and two children.

Education: BSW, Campbellsville University  Contact:

Dustin Anderson photoDustin Anderson, Case Manager

Experience: I have been a Case Manager in Kentucky since 2009. I provided Case Management through Commonwealth Case Management until the Columbus Organization acquired Commonwealth Case Management on 9/1/17. 

How I explain Columbus to others: Columbus Organization is an organization that provides the highest quality Case Managers to ensure optimal services are provided. 

Outside of Columbus: I am married with two children and I enjoy traveling and playing guitar in my spare time. 

Education:  BS, Indiana University 


photo of Jana BurtonJana S. Burton, Case Manager

Why I joined Columbus: I became a Case Manager and joined The Columbus Organization with a strong desire to make a positive difference in functionally and mentally disabled people’s lives.  I have a high work ethic and as a mother of a challenged son, I understand the hardships families face from childhood through adulthood.  

How I describe Columbus to others: The Columbus Organization is a large company which allows them the resources to provide over-site and quality care for their clients.  The Columbus Organization strives to be the best in their field and has wonderful case managers that are dedicated to their clients.

Experience: I have 33 years of experience as a Direct Support Professional as well as being Certified in Brain Development.  I have been involved in Waiver Services for over 12 years and specialize in Participant Directed Services – Personal Assistance through Supports for Community Living in the state of Kentucky.  

Outside of Columbus: I enjoy my family of four which includes a step-grandchild I am raising after the death of my step-daughter.  I enjoy water activities, family fun, animals, and Christmas!

Education: BS in Business Administration and Office Management (Emphasis in Management and Human Resource), Cumberland College Associate Degree in Legal Secretary and Office Administration, Somerset Community College, Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional, Certified in Child Brain Development by The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential


Angela Coots photoAngela Coots, Case Manager 

Experience: I have been a case manager since 2007 with SCL and MPW Waiver clients. I spent 14 years as a case manager and 4 years in direct care services.

How I explain Columbus to others:  I describe Columbus as a wonderful place to work for and enjoy the benefits and the flexibility with working from home.  I like my supervisors and they are very helpful if I need assistance with anything. 

Outside of Columbus: I am a wife and mother of two. I recently celebrated the arrival of my first grandchild!  I enjoy camping with my husband, spending time with my family, going to church, and swimming.

Education: BS Human Services & Counseling,  Lindsey Wilson College 


Carnetta Collins photoCarnetta Collins, Case Manager, Human Resources/Counseling 

Why I joined Columbus: The case management company I worked for was bought out by Columbus Organization. I have enjoyed working for Columbus and enjoy being a case manager.

Experience:I have worked as a case manager for 15 years and enjoy my job and working in the field that I do. I enjoy the population that I work with and feel  like I am giving back to society and fulfilling a purpose.

Outside of Columbus: I am a mother of two children and two grandchildren. I have worked all of my life and enjoy going to the beach and reading books. 

Education: BS in Counseling and Human Services, Lindsey Wilson College 


photo of Megan DavidsonMegan Davidson, Case Manager Supervisor

Experience: I have been working with adults and children with disabilities for almost 15 years, joining the Columbus team in 2019. I  started my journey years ago as a direct caregiver to adults with IDD and eventually became the Program Director of the agency. I aspired to assist people more and began providing case management in 2016 to assist others in reaching their goals.

Why I joined Columbus: I joined Columbus because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, helping them navigate the world and assist them in becoming their most independent self. 

How I describe Columbus to others: Columbus as a great company that is dedicated to putting our clients health, safety, and well-being first. Our company strives to ensure that our clients and families are well-informed and provides assistance to navigate a more inclusive lifestyle. 

Outside of Columbus: I am a married mother of two who enjoys reading, trail riding in KY, watching my children’s sports, and spending time with my family. I also teach Children’s Sunday School at my Church.

Education: BS Human Services, Child and Family Welfare, Kaplan University   Contact:

Misty Hayes photoMisty Hayes, Case Manager

Experience:I have been providing case management services in the IDD field for approximately 17 years. I began my career as a direct support staff in a residential home at the comprehensive care center, Adanta, before beginning to provide case management.

Why I joined Columbus: I joined Columbus in 2018 when they took over Cornerstone Case Management. 

How I describe Columbus to others: I describe Columbus as an organization that is driven and focused on providing excellence in care to the persons, they serve to ensure they are living their best quality of life.

Outside of Columbus: Along with my husband and teenage daughter, I enjoy being active in our church and community as well as watching and traveling to my daughter’s school sporting events.

Education: BS in Criminal Justice, Eastern Kentucky University

Christy Kemper photoChristy Kemper, Case Manager

Experience: I have 15 years’ experience in the IDD field. My passion began while providing direct care. I have held various positions in the IDD field including Direct Care Professional, Supported Employment Specialist Supervisor, Program Director of Day Training, Community Access, Supported Employment and Residential Level I services. I have 6 years’ experience in Case Management. 

Why I joined Columbus: I joined the Columbus Organization because I have the desire to serve individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

How I describe Columbus to others: The Columbus Organization’s mission is to assist children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities achieve independence through a life that is meaningful to them. The Columbus Organization provides Case Management services statewide to individuals being supported through various waivers including the Supports for Community Living (SCL) and the Michelle P. Waiver (MPW). 

Outside of Columbus: I enjoy spending time with my family, two children and husband. In my spare time, I enjoy  the outdoors-kayaking, boating, fishing, and swimming. I have spent three years volunteering as a youth Sunday School Teacher. 

Education: BS, Human Services and Counseling, Lindsey Wilson College   Contact:

Melinda Lewis photoMelinda Lewis, Case Manager

Experience:  I have worked in this field for over 20 years. I started in college as residential staff and day center staff. Went to a day training supervisor then became a case manager. 

Why I joined Columbus: My company was purchased from Columbus when they came to the Kentucky area.

How I describe Columbus to others: Columbus works with others to help them achieve their goals that they have set for themselves.

Education: BS from Eastern Kentucky University Contact:

photo of Jessics MeadorsJessica Meadors, Case Manager

Experience: I have worked with the IDD population since 2007. I began my career at Oakwood and moved to Case Management on 2010. I am an advocate for  individuals and enjoys being able to assist in anyway I can.

How I explain Columbus to others: I explain Columbus to others as a conflict free case manager for the scl waiver in KY. I assist with managing individuals waiver program and monitor for health safety and welfare of the individual throughout all service providers 

Outside of Columbus:I am married and have 2 small kids at home whom I love spending time with. I enjoy being outside and like hiking, camping and traveling to new places. 

Education: BS, University of Louisville  | MS, Lindsey Wilson College in human and health services  Contact:

photo of Melanie ParsonsMelanie Thacker Parsons, Case Manager Supervisor

Experience: I have been working in the IDD field for over 20 years. I began as a case manager and I have been a program director, supervisor and  filled a quality assurance role through the years as an IDD professional. I  joined The Columbus Organization in 2020 and returned to my first love in the field, being a case manager. 

Why I joined Columbus: I had been working in another field and this was a way to return to the field that I love–Disability Services. I have worked in different areas of this field and case management was always where my heart was and where I started. This was an opportunity to return to it.

How I explain Columbus to others:Columbus is a group of like-minded people who believe in providing the best supports and services to a people with disabilities and other needs. This population is often vulnerable and devalued but we at Columbus want to teach and advocate for these folks so that they receive the best supports that can be had in their state.

Outside of Columbus: I am a  lifelong farmer. My husband and I now operate our family’s  farm in Rockcastle County, Kentucky where I have lived my entire life. I love to raise a garden of vegetables and each year I have a large flower garden of pollinator flowers.

Education:BS Psychology, Eastern Kentucky University | MA Applied Behavior Analysis, Ball State University    

James Powell photoJames Powell, Case Manager

Experience:  I served as a professional in the Kentucky Public Education Program for 28 ½ Years to include Teacher, Counselor and Special Education Director. When I retired in 2012, I became a case manager. 

How I explain Columbus to others: Columbus answers for all individual needs in all aspects of life

Outside of Columbus: I enjoy being involved in church, spending time with my family and playing golf.  

Education:  BS and Rank I in Counseling, 5th Year Program for Special Education Western Kentucky University, MA Austin Peay State University

Leslie Perdue photoLeslie Perdue Case Manager

Experience:  I have been a Case Manager for 10 years, joining The Columbus Organization in 2020. I began working in the field years ago at an ICF/MR. I enjoy helping others and continue to advocate for families in western Kentucky. 

Why I joined Columbus: I joined The Columbus Organization because I wanted to continue to pursue my love of working with others in a company that provides structure and advancement.

How I describe Columbus to others: I described The Columbus Organization to others as a caring company who is ready to go above and beyond to provide case management services and to be an advocate for the client.

Outside of Columbus: I am a mother of two boys and I enjoy spending my time watching their sporting events, traveling, crafting, and spending time with my family. 

Education: BIS, Murray State University  Contact:

 Jessica Vaughn, Case Manager 

Experience: I have been a case manager for 5 years. I started out in this field 9 years ago as a DSP and switched to Records Clerk. I found myself interested in case management pretty quickly. I then finished my last semester of college and began my career.

Why I joined Columbus: People with intellectual and developmental disabilities have a big place in my heart and I enjoy focusing on their abilities rather than their disabilities. 

How I explain Columbus to others: I describe Columbus as a company who listens to their employees and considers all angles of the situation. Columbus is also very positive and responsive to everyone including employees, guardians, and especially the clients we serve. 

Outside of Columbus: Since starting this job, I have had many new and exciting things happen in my life. I got married and we quickly had our first child. A couple years later, we decided to bring home our precious little girl through foster and we are now getting ready to adopt her. Not long after bringing her home, we found out we were pregnant again with our son. We now have 3 beautiful children that keep us very busy.  

Education: I attended Eastern Kentucky University where I was able to get my degree with a minor in special education. I finished school while working full time as a records clerk in the field.   Contact:

Rachael White photoRachael White, Case Manager

Experience: I have been a Case Manager for 8 years and prior to that worked as an paraeducator in a special needs classroom.

Why I joined Columbus: I joined Columbus because I wanted to be part of a team where I felt supported by supervisors and administration.

How I explain Columbus to others: The Columbus Organization is a Case Management agency with a wonderful reputation for helping others and going above and beyond for the participants we serve.

Outside of Columbus: I’m a mother of two teenagers and have two dogs. I enjoy spending time with family and crafting in my spare time.

Education: BS Psychology and Science                          Contact: