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Jeff Klimaski

President & CEO

Why I joined The Columbus Organization

I joined Columbus because I wanted to solve some of the most unique and challenging problems facing our disability and behavioral communities.

How I describe our organization to other people

The Columbus Organization works with individuals who have complex social, physical, or behavioral needs, and tend to have a history of non-clinical complications such as unstable housing, transportation or employment, food insecurity, or interactions with the criminal justice system.  Every day, each Columbus team member advances our mission to ensure that everyone we serve lives their most meaningful life, as seen through their own eyes.

How I chose my career

Early on, to pay for college, I worked almost every position in the restaurant industry.  While each role was different, they all had two common themes – it was critical that we worked as a team to ensure our customers had a great experience, and while problems inevitably arose, it was how we responded and problem-solved as a team that kept problems from becoming irresolvable.  Those early experiences led me to my passion for helping people, problem solving, and working with teams.  As a result, I have spent my entire career focused on improving healthcare processes and systems to benefit the people affected by them.

A career highlight

I have had the honor to recruit and mentor some excellent team members over the course of my career.  Many of the people that I have hired and mentored have gone on to hold some of the most senior positions in healthcare organizations.  I am humbled and honored by the integrity, energy, and intelligence of the people who have been, and are a part of my life’s story.

How I describe myself

My job is to look at the organization chart upside down to make sure we have given every single tool and resource practical to our team to fulfill our mission.  My entire professional career has been dedicated to supporting front line healthcare team members.

My background

I grew up in Bloomfield, NJ as a member of a very large family, comprised of multiple nationalities and 3 religions.  My community was as diverse as my family.  I was always being exposed to something new or different, and learning new traditions or customs.  Those formative years helped me to be inquisitive, changeable, and open to new ideas.

A bit about me

I met my wife when I was 17 years old and have been married almost 28 years.  We have three wonderful boys who all play performance music with multiple instruments.  My oldest son is bipolar and has been a tremendous positive influence on me and my own personal journey, learning how to be the best possible natural support that I can be.

My family loves animals and we share our home with two dogs (Oscar and Laci), a cat (Sammy), a Budgie Parakeet (Jimmy), and a Leopard Gecko (Barry).  The entire family enjoys being outdoors skiing, biking, hiking, and kayaking.  Finally, I am a CPA in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and an alumni member of the National Ski Patrol.


Temple University, BBA in Accounting

Saint Joseph’s University, MBA in Marketing

Seton Hall University, Healthcare Compliance Certification