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Certified Investigation Training

Certified Investigation Training<The need to conduct quality, competent critical incident investigations is becoming more critical in today’s business environment, particularly in long-term care environments providing supports to people with disabilities, the elderly, and juveniles in institutional settings. Regulatory and licensing entities overseeing services to people with disabilities and the elderly have raised the bar in recent years on protection from harm and incident management activities, particularly incidents involving allegations of abuse or neglect.

The Columbus Organization, in partnership with Dale J. Dangremond, BSW, MBA, of Dangremond Consulting, provides consulting and training on protection from harm, incident management, and critical incident investigation process to human service and healthcare organizations.

To learn more on how Columbus can improve the quality of your investigations and enhance the knowledge of your investigators please contact Kathy O’Connor, Executive Vice President via phone 610-564-5562 or e-mail

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