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Data Management Services

Collecting clinical information is one of Columbus’ proven strengths. An equally important added dimension of our organization is the ability to develop databases for specific programs that allow Columbus to manage, report, and conduct statistically valid and reliable analyses and data interpretations. Our databases have allowed us to analyze and monitor data trends over multiple years and comparing them with similar populations in other states.

Columbus Information System (CIS) developed by Columbus programmers and staff has undergone dozens of enhancements for both the monitoring and tracking of intake and assessment services as well as support coordination services and processes. While the system’s original use was primarily for information storage of consumer demographics, service and waiver types, various providers, emergency contacts, etc. CIS has evolved into a comprehensive, reliable, and essential administrative and quality management tool for Columbus as well as the most efficient and effective way for staff to complete strenuous documentation requirements timely. The ability for Columbus staff to access CIS on a 24/7 basis through a secured internet portal allows for maximum efficiency for staff and regional management to track and monitor services being provided throughout the month.

Columbus Information System application features include:

  • Highly secure 24/7 access via the internet
  • Contact management
  • Centralized consumer information repository
  • Comprehensive ISP management
  • Consumer service tracking with audit functions
  • Intake and assessment
  • Level of care authorization and funding
  • Message board for service providers/service coordinators
  • Forms and documents repository
  • Customized management reports
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