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Litigation and Certification Support Services

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Columbus has played critical roles in providing consultation, technical assistance, training and support to both private and public-operated ICFs/IID in response to adverse action by CMS and corresponding state entities. Our work has been instrumental in restoring certified vendor status to facilities and building enduring system improvements.

The consultant group provides onsite review and consultation to identify and address both individual and systemic issues prior to state and federal regulatory surveys. Columbus considers the structure, strengths, culture, and capacity of an organization in providing specific recommendations for sustained improvement.

Independent Consultative Review Expert Team (ICRE)

Columbus has served as the ICRE Team engaged to conduct a comprehensive Root Cause Analysis of a facility’s repeated failures to meet the Conditions of Participation. The ICRE Team developed a Plan of Action Steps and milestones for their completion based on the Root Cause findings. Columbus was one of the first consultative groups to be contracted to complete this work, a result of coordinated outcomes among Columbus, CMS, and state administration.

United States Department of Justice (DOJ)

Columbus has worked extensively with states engaged in litigation with the U.S. DOJ. States have retained Columbus' nationally recognized consultant team to support settlement agreement negotiations, self-assessment, and compliance initiatives. We have been involved with states in planning for vulnerabilities and optimal strategic outcomes, Monitor/Master selection, systems improvement planning, and consultation with state officials regarding reported findings and oversight.

Class Action Litigation

In addition to the aforementioned support provided to organizations challenged by the U.S. DOJ and CMS, Columbus has a proven track record working closely with states named as defendants in class action litigation. Columbus continues to fulfill well-established support functions as Internal Compliance Monitors in complex class action lawsuits and related amendments.

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