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Management Services


Columbus consultants have distinguished themselves in administrative roles at Executive, Division, and Commission levels throughout the U.S. Their experience and management capabilities have been applied to successful outcomes for our clients. For example, Columbus has directly managed large ICFs/IID until they regained certified status. We have also taken the reigns of a regional center serving 17,000 people, and community programs to meet HCBS participation requirements. In keeping with the tone and outcome-driven themes of all Consultation Services, Columbus provides shoulder-to-shoulder coaching and mentoring of executive and mid-level managers in new expectations of their roles and the culture of the organization.

Systems Intervention and Support

Columbus has long been acknowledged for its swift intervention in administrative crisis situations, including the installation of interim management teams in receivership and other adverse actions. Columbus has been responsive to a broad array of chief executive management challenges in both state and corporate operated services. Columbus takes immediate action to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of individuals served while establishing executive and departmental management services for the provision of services and supports. Support is provided on a short or long-term basis and progressively coordinated with stakeholders for the return of management and oversight responsibilities back to our client.

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