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Consulting Services

ConsultingSince 1984, Columbus has assisted states and individual service providers interested in improving their services and supports. The Columbus team possesses the nation's leading discipline-specific expertise and systems-oriented experience within the field. Consultation, technical assistance, and staff development services are framed by the customer's organizational priorities and the internal capacity necessary to meet those priorities.

Columbus consulting services target a variety of organizational challenges such as litigation and certification, risk management, comprehensive systems review, healthcare peer reviews, mortality review, transition support, specialized compliance assessment, and management services.

Columbus consultants are recognized for their shoulder-to-shoulder approach to technical assistance, training, and mentorship of leadership and staff. Columbus’ services in this area emphasize the facilitated practice of newly acquired skills and capacities in the actual settings and circumstances in which they are to be demonstrated. Opportunities are also afforded for train-the-trainer and mentorship development programs to augment an organization’s staff development resources.

Columbus has a long history of conducting training on best practices in the field in national, state, and regional venues, including the provision of landmark national conferences on quality healthcare and residential supports for people with disabilities. Staff development options are available to individual service providers, provider networks, and statewide training initiatives.

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