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About Support Coordination

Columbus Community Services provides Support Coordination Services to people with developmental disabilities in collaboration with the State of Georgia Department of Human Resources, Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Addictive Diseases to:

  • Provide support coordination that is timely, person-centered and culturally appropriate
  • Assist people with developmental disabilities and their family to plan and access appropriate services and supports and develop natural supports as alternatives to system-funded services
  • Monitor the safety and quality of supports for people with developmental disabilities
  • Protect the rights of people with developmental disabilities
  • Develop and sustained working relationships with all stakeholders
  • Promote best practices in developmental services through training and role modeling
  • Act as an advocate for individuals within the framework of the system
  • Enhance opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to experience full community membership

According to the Columbus Organization, “It is not just what Support Coordinators do but how they do it that really matters.” Support Coordinators make decisions for their clients based on the principles of:


People have the right to choose how and with whom they will live. Close friends and family can help them broaden their experiences and make choices.


Relationships must be treasured, nurtured and protected so that they may provide the strength, assistance and security that support well-being.

Contribution and Community

Being part of a community gives us a sense of identity and belonging, the opportunity to be employed, have a home, give back and make a difference.

Roles and Responsibilities

As people take greater control over their lives and resources, they assume more responsibility for their decisions and actions – contributing to their supports, being self-advocates, and communicating their needs.


People have the power to make decisions in their lives. This includes deciding what supports they need, how they will be implemented and by whom.


We all have hopes and dreams about something in our lives and need others to believe in our dreams and support us in our journeys toward them.

Dignity and Respect

All people have a right to be treated with dignity and respect. People make mistakes, and should be supported through their mistakes. The circle of support weaves a safety net, which helps make risk-taking possible.

Fiscal Responsibility

Making good things happen does not always require money; finding alternatives to paid supports is important. When support must be purchased, people are inclined to spend their money more efficiently.


The quality of services people receive depends in part on the effective­ness of support coordination. Such effectiveness assumes a relationship between the person/family and the coordinator that is based on familiarity, confidence and trust. Our top priority is to create, sustain and support these relationships.


Nothing is impossible. Replace “No, we can’t” with "How can we?" in a manner that maintains the dignity and privacy of the clients and families served.

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