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Support Coordination in Georgia

Columbus currently provides both Traditional and Intensive Support Coordination services to individuals with developmental disabilities statewide in Georgia. In collaboration with the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD), Division of Developmental Disabilities Support Coordinators:

  • Evaluate and address individual risks and unmet needs in order to maximize the health, well-being and safety of waiver participants
  • Assist participants in coordinating all service needs whether Medicaid reimbursed, services provided through other funding sources, or those performed by natural supporters in the context of family or community life
  • Assist participants in coordinating all service needs and have the responsibility to advocate, educate, train and guide individuals and families through the various avenues of information and communication around State/DBHDD policies, procedures and protocol
  • Are responsible for participating in assessment of individuals through assembling both professionals and non-professionals who provide individualized supports and whose combined expertise and involvement ensures that person-centered plans are developed to address social, educational, transportation, housing, nutritional, healthcare and other needs using a holistic approach
  • Through advocacy efforts, encourage and facilitate the use of various community resources through referral and follow up activities.  

Intensive Support Coordination includes all of the activities of Support Coordination, but the activities reflect specialized coordination of waiver, medical and behavioral support services on behalf of waiver participants with exceptional medical and/or behavioral needs.  Intensive Support Coordinators assist waiver participants with complex needs though:

  • Identifying and addressing barriers to care; accessing needed resources and services offered through the waiver as well as the larger healthcare system
  • Taking active measures to address complex needs through the participation of both a Columbus Registered Nurse and Physician
  • Fostering and maintaining family and other informal relationships and support
  • When applicable, they coordinate with State facilities in the transitioning of individuals from State facilities to community based settings, assuring that supports are in place to successfully maintain the individual in a lesser restrictive and more fulfilling environment

The overall objective of Support Coordination services is to oversee the health, safety and well-being of waiver participants while tracking the use and outcomes of services identified in the individual support plan.  


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