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Case Management in South Carolina

Columbus’ system of treatment monitoring and service utilization is a collaborative, cohesive process based on the needs of the individual and family, and expedited to ensure efficient and effective services with positive outcomes. Our model of service delivery includes comprehensive, multi-systemic treatment planning and service coordination for each client.

Case Managers provide support through a variety of activities and work closely with you to help you achieve your needs, hopes, wants and dreams. You decide how involved you would like your Case Manager to be in your life. Below are some things you can expect from your Case Manager:

  • Get to know you - your hopes, dreams, wants and needs
  • Help you make decisions about your needs - the types of services you need and the methods of receiving those services
  • Help you decide what and how much information you want and how to get it
  • Ensure appropriate access to Medicaid funded and non-Medicaid funded services
  • Help you plan for the future - next month, next year, even ten years from now
  • Use your creativity in helping you find new ways of achieving your goals, especially when specialized services are not available
  • Help you plan timelines for getting things done and deciding who should do them (i.e. sharing information, calling resources for help, delivering services and getting needed equipment
  • Help you make and coordinate appointments for services and supports
  • Help you locate, enroll in and check on services for you or your family member
  • Help you plan for changes in services or programs by discussing options, visiting new programs and making plans to prepare you, your family and the new service providers for the change

The Columbus Organization is responsive to changing needs and ensures that services and supports occur in a timely manner. If the needs of the individual change, the services and supports are changed with input from the team working together. The goals are stated in a measurable way that facilitates direct monitoring of progress on a regular basis.

Close attention to outcomes and the achievement of concrete, measurable goals determines what level and type of service and support is needed to maintain successes over the long term. The case manager is a member of the team who works in close collaboration with the family and all other team members.

The outcome of this treatment monitoring process is a person-centered, integrated individualized plan based on the person’s prioritized life domain needs. The regular multi-systemic meetings and outcome review meetings provide us with the opportunity to evaluate and track progress towards outcomes on an ongoing basis as an integral part of the treatment planning process.

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