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Community Services Testimonials

“For almost two years now, I have had the great opportunity to work with Elizabeth Gresham who serves as Kevin's Support Coordinator.

Elizabeth has the ability to get things done like no other. She also provides me with adequate information, resources and has really been a blessing to my family.

I look forward to working with her in the following years.”
~ Gary W. Champagne, Jr., June 11, 2012

“I would like to thank you on behalf of Andrea, Louise and myself for your dedicated services we have received from Columbus community services.

First I would like to mention your dedication as a Support Coordinator for our family and how you have always advocated for Andrea’s enhancement of opportunities, quality and safety in her family and community life. You have always been there for our child and family in our best or worst of times and have always had good ideas in problem solving Andrea’s issues. We have always been pleased with your services in helping with Andrea’s ISP.

Because of this we have seen significant gains in Andrea’s quality of life within the community.

I would like to mention we have had services from other agencies and without doubt feel that you have been the most dedicated Support Coordinator since we have been on the waiver. When you visit our home you bring good ideas, a warm heart and a real concern for Andrea’s welfare. Just to let you know Andrea has noticed all these qualities and is always excited when she knows you are coming to visit.

Thank you and Columbus community service for all the hard work you have given our family. Your service has definitely enhanced my family’s quality of life.”
~ Paul. Louise and Andrea Scholl, June 11, 2012

“It is past due for me to do some explaining. Unknowingly you have become just as an important member to my family as any other member of it. I could not have made it this far without you. You've been very personable with Prince and I, without jeopardizing professionalism or becoming to closely attached that you couldn't be objective. (and put me in my place when needed!) Your just taking the time to sit on the porch and talking for a minute sometimes has made the difference between me losing it and having hope, in far to many circumstances. In my life this has only comes from family members which I don't have many of, as you well know.

Just want you to know, not believe or feel, that you are an equal part of this family and if at any time I can have the pleasure of returning the Love: I will!

Again I could have never, never, never made it this far without you! Not someone like you with the same job and they are good at it. No, Prince and I have been blessed with the only one for us, YOU. It is now imposable for you to ever leave us, you are us now.”
~ Winston Rogers, June 11, 2012

“I have had the pleasure of working with various support coordinators at Columbus Community Services for the past 6 years.

Our current Support Coordinator, Nikki Crew is friendly, professional and extremely thorough. She is quick to share resourceful information and quick to respond to our many questions. Nikki fully supports our son and our family by advocating, identifying, developing, coordinating and accessing supports and services. Raising a child with special-needs can sometimes be scary and overwhelming, so having a knowledgeable and professional advocate on our side really helps to ease the fear.”
~ Martie Bode, June 11, 2012

“Just a quick note to let you know how extremely pleased I was at a Support Team meeting held last Wednesday with one of your Support Coordinators, Terrence Aarons. The meeting had the potential to become highly emotional, and it did at times. The meeting was conducted with family members and a caregiver who, naturally, were very upset over an incident involving their family member.

Mr. Aarons exhibited fairness, tact and leadership in the most emotionally driven meeting I have been involved with for some time. At the center of his discussions were the rights of the individuals we serve and the extent of these rights did not want to be heard from the family and caregiver.

Terrence took the opportunity to educate the family and caregiver on these rights given to this individual, and although this was not very well received, he stood firm and supported the individual within the meeting. It would have been very easy to give in to the emotions of the family, however, I was very impressed with his professionalism and dedication to insuring the individual we serve is accorded the rights given to her.

It's great to be working with individuals who stand firm to their convictions, and Mr. Aarons is an advocate of the highest quality. Thank you!”
~ Mark A. Swanson, President, Accent, Inc., November 21, 2011

“Hope everything is well with you and your crew at Columbus. I was sitting in an ISP meeting for Monte Mike yesterday, actually two meetings, and had an opportunity to work with two of your newer Support Coordinators, Traylee Dean and Sholanda Tabb.

Both were very enjoyable to work with, but even more importantly, they conducted the meeting in a very person-centered way - it was so refreshing to have a Support Team involving the individuals served instead of talking over them or trying to get through the paperwork.

Both SCs took their time to make the individuals served the focal part of the meeting. I just wanted to pass along the positive experiences with your staff yesterday! Thanks for training 'em up right! “
~ Mark A. Swanson, President, Accent, Inc., July, 26, 2011

“I think we all hear enough complaints and problems in our line of work, so to mix things up a bit, I'm going to comment on a positive ISP meeting I was involved in with one of your staff.

One of my Case Managers is ill and I am filling in for him until he returns. I have not been a part of an ISP meeting for quite some time and was very happy to witness your Support Coordinator, Yvonne Tucker-Cumbee, going to great lengths to make our participant the focus of the meeting.

Yvonne spent almost all of our time explaining specific parts of the plan to the individual and confirmed that she understood each part of the meeting. The participant was very happy and I could tell she felt as if it was HER meeting, and not just a meeting about her. I was so glad to be a part of this experience this morning!

I'll be covering some more ISP's this week, and am looking forward to more of the same! Thanks again and keep up the great work.”
~ Mark A. Swanson, President, Accent, Inc., March 21, 2011

“My name is Robert McWhorter and I am the brother to Betty McWhorter and father to Fabrienne McWhorter. Both of my family members are on Ernestine Edwards’s caseload. Ms. Edwards have been both of my family member’s case managers since the date of her hire. She represents Columbus Community Service well. Words cannot express how much she has helped my family through many hardships. When she first started her job with Columbus both my daughter and sister were living with me. To make a long story short, my daughter moved out with her mother leaving my sister and me in the home. At that time both of my family members were being served by ABHS GRO. Ms. Edwards would come to the house to visit Betty and she visited Fabrienne at the center. Ms. Edwards checked Betty’s records in the home. She made sure Betty had staff in place, and Betty received the requested help needed. She always talked to Betty and Fabrienne on their level of understanding. She always asked me if I was happy with Betty’s and Fabrienne’s services. The time she really made a difference in Betty and my life was when ABHS decided they no longer will be supporting Betty in the home. This came at the time in my life when I did not have any other supports in place.

I lived by myself and my health was declining. I needed help badly in the home. Betty is legally blind and she needed someone to be with her and help her day and night. Ms. Edwards met with me and Betty and she reassured us that she will try her best to locate a provider that will provide Betty the needed services. Ms. Edwards worked very hard to locate a provider for Betty. Ms. Edwards matched Betty with Lifetime PCH Inc. Ms. Edwards met with Betty and me and informed that another person around Betty’s age lived in an apartment in the Greene County area and she was looking for a roommate. She said this lady was being served by Lifetime. This was a hard decision to make. My health was declining fast. I had to stop working, to start dialysis treatment. Evidently I ended up having one of my leg amputated. I was no longer able to take care of my sister in the home. I made a promised to my deceased mother I will always take care of Betty and not put her in a “home.” Ms. Edwards understood my promise to my mother. She told me to pray about it and God will provide the answer for me. She also told me to consider my health and what supports Betty will need in the home. Ms. Edwards helped me have a better understanding that I can still fulfill my promise to my deceased mother. I can continue to take care of Betty wherever she lives.

I made the decision to moved Betty into a shared apartment. Betty and her roommate was a perfect match and they got along well. This was the best thing for Betty and me for about two years. Then we experience another hardship. Betty’s roommate passed and Lifetime told us that they will no longer be able to provide service to Betty in the home. Ms. Edwards assured Betty and me that she will put every effort unto looking for another provider to serve Betty. It was difficult locating a provider and Ms. Edwards explained to us about self-directing Betty’s service. She told us about two self direct providers. She provided information on both providers. Betty and I choose to self-direct services with ASI and the rest is history. Ms. Edwards is always available to provide support when needed. Ms. Edwards has a big heart and she does her job well. We are so happy to have Ms. Edwards as Betty’ and Fabrienne Support Coordinator. Thanks to all of the good works of Ms. Edwards Betty is at a good place in her life. We hope we have Ms. Edwards as Betty’s and Fabrienne’s Support Coordinator as long as she is working for Columbus. Thank you so much for having a good worker who care about people welfare and perform her job well.”
~ Robert McWhorter, Betty McWhorter (Brother)-Fabrienne McWhorter (Father), June 13, 2012

“My child's support services started around 5 years ago with Columbus Community Services. I've found that over the years the GA State Disability Plans have needed to change due to the growth of the state's disabled population and their needs.

My son's best advocates have come from those at Columbus Community Services. The staff has always been courteous, knowledgeable and compassionate to whatever our family situation required. As you know having a loved-one to care for that is disabled takes much patience, kindness and devotion. The staff at Columbus Community Services have provided our family with constant empathy, understanding and respect. I know that without continued reinforcement from Columbus Community Services, maintaining the appropriate services for our child would be very difficult. I cannot thank you enough for all your generosity and encouragement.”
~ Mrs. Benedict, June 18, 2012

“Celandra has been a blessing to mine and Charlotte’s life, without her I don’t believe I would have got anything done for Charlotte. She has always been there to help me with anything my sister needs. Like her boost she makes sure it’s ordered and that Charlotte gets it.

Celandra’s always made sure Charlotte was taken well care of at the Center. Celandra has always been very nice to Charlotte and me. If she says she will call back she always does. I feel Celandra does a very good job and she made my life a little easier just being there to help me.

What I’m trying to say is if we didn’t have someone like Celandra working for our family, we wouldn’t know who could help. Thank You. God Bless you Celandra you are a friend to all. We love you. May you be here for a long time for us and not only us, but for ones to come each day in your life. For you changed mine, when I needed someone to turn to your help was always there. I hope you understand what I’m saying and may God keep you working for ones like Charlotte for years to come. For they can’t do it without someone like you and the time you give at your work. Thank You.”
~ Shavon Brown

“Sometimes you meet someone who goes beyond the call of duty to help others. Someone who may sometimes see wrongs and corrects them no matter how hard the road may be. There was a young man that was raised by his grandmother and one day she died. The young man was lost, got sick and put in the hospital.

Beulah Lindsay found my family and me for Danny. We are a perfect match. Beulah has helped us with all of the steps required to make all of this happen.

Danny is a blessing to our home and he completes our family. There is no doubt that Ms. Beulah not only does her job well, but I know in this case she carried out God’ ultimate plan for Danny. I’m sure his grandmother is smiling.

Thank goodness there are people in this field that care for others like Ms. Lindsey does.”
~ Kelly Linder, DSP, Lynndale Inc., June 21, 2012

"To Whom It May Concern,

It is with pleasure that I write this letter to you to share the stellar service I received from your employee Mrs. Kerri Bradford. Mrs. Bradford is a perfect example of how an employee should represent a company. She displays highly qualified skills and complete understanding of her job; doing so with kindness and compassion for the client and his family.

At the beginning of this year and until March 24, 2014 our son's provider failed to provide the services he needed. The provider failed to meet the requirements of keeping staff in our home and provide quality care for our son. Their service was horrendous. Having said this, one can only imagine the undue stress our family was under. In addition there was the added fear of my husband losing his job because he had to cover for the staff that didn't show up for work. Needless to say, we as a family felt as though we were standing alone in this turmoil with absolutely no support.

The week of March 18th thru the 21st Steven had no staff to help him. When I called the Columbus Office on that Monday to let them know what was going on and to ask to have staff in our home, it was Mrs. Kerri Bradford that answered the phone. Mrs. Bradford has such a pleasant tone in her voice, she greeted me by my name and then asked, "How may I help you today?" She listened to my story, heard the needs of my son and then offered to connect me to the correct person. Mrs. Bradford made me feel as though Steven was the most important person she was going to work with on this day. Her professionalism, knowledge of her job, and the kindness in her voice provided a moment of reassurance that we were not standing alone. I was asked to call again tomorrow if we didn't have staff show up. I did call the next day and Mrs. Bradford asked, "How did your day work out yesterday...did anyone reach out to you from our office?" I remember thinking...this young lady truly cares about those that she comes in contact with.

Through all of the stress and troubles we have just been through, I want to share the positive side which is Mrs. Bradford. She is a ray of sunshine on a dark day! Her calm and caring personality, knowledge of her job, and her people skills are the window to your successful business. Mrs. Bradford represents your company in the most positive light. She is a valuable asset to your company and I would hope that she is recognized as such. It is such a pleasure to speak with her."
~ Susan Rolfs (Mother of Steven Rolfs)

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